What is Wavelength?

Wavelength is the first of its kind on Velas.
At the core of our project is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on top of the Balancer V2 framework, which makes us the first next-generation Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol on Velas!
On top of that, in its final form Wavelength will boast unique features that we are confident will slowly but surely make us one of the top DeFi protocols around.
Essentially, our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for DeFi on Velas Blockchain. Moreover, Wavelength has been designed and envisioned to be the core of the “new” and improved Velas DeFi ecosystem.

What is Balancer?

Balancer is an automated portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor.
Balancer turns the concept of an index fund on its head: instead of paying fees to portfolio managers to rebalance your portfolio, you collect fees from traders, who rebalance your portfolio by capturing arbitrage opportunities.
Balancer is based on an N-dimensional invariant surface which is a generalization of the constant product formula described by Vitalik Buterin and proven viable by the popular Uniswap Protocol.
Balancer V2 brings powerful new features to slash gas costs, super-charge capital efficiency, unlock arbitrage with minimal capital and opens the door to custom AMMs.

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