The following image represents a detailed roadmap for the development of Wavelength over a one year period.
It describes our planned updates and improvements to be made to the Wavelength protocol and ecosystem.
As displayed in our roadmap, Wavelength plans on broadening its product offering along with the ecosystem of projects under its umbrella. The synergies they create together are expected to increase the value of the $WAVE token. A valuable asset should help reduce reliance on high inflation, which is something that tends to hurt Decentralized Exchanges.

Phase I

Governance —  Implementation of a governance token called $veWAVE, as well as a token lockup and revenue-sharing system for governance token holders. Governance Voting for Community Decisions will be opened along with bi-weekly gauge voting for over 30% of total emissions.
The fee distribution system will have bonus yields in bootstrapped VLX, BTC, and ETH for users holding a large percentage of the governance token supply.

Phase II 

Linear Pools — The Beta Version will introduce Linear Pools. By allowing users to take the receipt tokens, they get from depositing on our Lending protocol and pair them with the asset they represent to form a pool, Wavelength and other projects under its umbrella can tap into more liquidity. In contrast, users are able to earn more and trade with less slippage. Such a feature will maximize capital efficiency and further separate Wavelength from its competitors.
Implementation of Limit Orders —  The possibility of setting limit orders 100% on-chain through WaveLength will improve the user experience of the primary user of any DEX traders. Such functionality will also widen the range of available strategies for our users.

Phase III 

StableSwap V2 —  As a serious project with a capable team behind it, we take great pride in saying that we will honor our commitment to being the most advanced DEX in the Velas ecosystem. Therefore, we will be launching a new and more powerful version of our Stable Pools, the StableSwapV2. With StableSwapV2, traders will experience even less slippage, and Wavelength will be a more capital-efficient DeFi protocol.
Concentrated Liquidity Pools —  Concentrated Liquidity Pools allow for lower slippage for variable exchange rate token trading while allowing users to choose which ranges they want to be exposed to Impermanent Loss and collect higher yields when their LPs are active and used for trading.